Highspeed photography 101 – Lesson 8

In the last lesson I wrote about light barrier. Sometimes there are sensors which are more adequate than a light barrier f.ex. if you want to photography a bursting balloon. In this lesson I’ll show how to use a sound trigger.

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Highspeed photography 101 – Lesson 7

In the last lesson we saw how one can trigger a flash with an Arduino. In this lesson we’ll add a light barrier to trigger the flash in the right moment.

Rainbow splash
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World first Android/iPhone highspeed photo

One of my images was featured in the U.S. Yahoo! Editorial High-Speed Captures gallery. The most asked question was: “What camera did they use?”. In this post I’m going to show, that its not about the camera, its about the technique. To proof my point I tried to capture some highspeed photos with my Android smartphone (HTC Hero) and an iPhone.

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Highspeed photography 101 – Lesson 6

In the last lesson I showed how to trigger your camera with a flash. In highspeed photography you often want to trigger your flash (see Lesson 3: Freeze the motion with your flash), therefore I show you how to trigger your flash with an arduino.


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Arduino time lapse video

In this post I’ll explain how to create a time lapse video with an arduino.

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